Abortion, right or privilege?




Various countries have debated whether to legalize abortion so as to ease on the restrictions. Should we protect the mother so that she can be able to do as she pleases as it is he
r own body so it should be her choice or should we protect the right to life for the unborn baby? That’s the question that’s guiding the activists both for and against abortion throughout the world.


According to US News world report, a Northern Ireland judge and the Amnesty International think it is and are encouraging others to see that as well. This comes as a shock as it was known that Northern Ireland was headstrong for banning abortions unless it was to save a life and health of the mother and those who would perform would be sentenced to life imprisonment and the patients would be sentenced to up to 14 years behind bars. He justifies his claim by stating that to deny women that carry fetuses with fatal abnormalities or victims of rape or incest represented a “gross interference” with her personal autonomy.

I realize that it is a very sad and depressing fact that most courts in most parts of the world including the USA presume that the unborn child is not yet a human being and therefore does not assume human rights consequently not worth fighting for.

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